Spirit Junkie Masterclass Level 2

Spirit  Masterclass Level 2

As you have graduated from the Spirit Junkie Masterclass level 1 you may wonder what can you do to strengthen you spiritual and professional growth. With that we introduce to you the Spirit Junkie Masterclass Level 2.

For those that want to get into practice deeper and take the training to the next level we welcome you to join Gabrielle  for this immersive practice. It is only available to those who have graduated from the Spirit Masterclass level 1.

Level 2 starts out expanding on what you learned in the Spirit Masterclass. As you expand with Gabrielle and other spirit junkies on the work in level one you will go deeper to make more of the person that you want to be. All while adding confidence, going deeper with your practice and giving more to the teachings.

Many have called the Spirit Masterclass level 2 a life changing event just like level 1 was. But with level 2 you will get

  • New techniques and tools for you to use in your life
  • New marketing methods for you to increase the revenue that you want
  • Learn how lead the life changing talks that you want to do.
  • How to be more successful in what you do by being more of the leader that you need to be.
  • And much, much, more!

But before you go there are somethings that need to be taken care of before the trip.

  • Join the Facebook group. When you enroll you will be able to join the Spirit Masterclass Level 2 group.
  • Read May Cause Miracles before going.
  • Go to the first training class in September (It will be in Facebook).
  • Go to the second training class in October (It also will be in Facebook).

When signing up for the class there is a no questions asked full refund policy for fourteen days after the purchase. If after that you decide that you do not want to go then it can be applied to a purchase towards a future Spirit Junkie Masterclass training.

This year the Spirit  Masterclass level 2 is in  in the  Center from Sunday October 21st to Friday October 26th 2018. You are responsible for your own room and board since it is not included in the Spirit Junkie Masterclass Level 2. If you decide to stay at the  you will find that it is priced well for what it is.

If you are ready to change your life for the good then click here!


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